Inbound Study Tours – International Students & Faculty visiting your Campus


Bringing to India International Students and Faculty

Beyond Boundaries organized Inbound Tours. The Founder when she was the Director (International Programs) H R College of Commerce & Economics has help organize and conducted around 25+ such tours from USA & UK. Tours coverage included such diverse areas such as Global International Field Trips; Social Entrepreneurship; Doing Business in India; Exploring Global Dimensions; Exploring India; Global Scholars Program, Global Leaders Program as also Study India programs. Beyond Boundaries have also conducted 2 such trips recently one from Switzerland and another from USA

International students and Faculty visit India and your Campus to get an understanding of India’s historical, social, economic cultural, religious & political history in conjunction with a first hand experience of the some of India’s magnificent Cities. A unique blend of academic and cultural experiences of India.

Beyond Boundaries works with your Institutions, your faculty student ambassadors giving the visitor an opportunity to meet, interact and engage with Indian students and their peers. As Student Ambassadors, you will help the Foreign Student to experience India from the eyes of a local. Interacting with students/peers also offers an opportunity to make life-long friends.

All tours include Mumbai. A city of dreams, Mumbai has the same status that New York has for USA. Mumbai is India’s Financial Capital and business is brisk and decisive in this mega metropolis. It’s always on the go. The historic backdrop of this city still showcases the strong presence of the British Rule in South Mumbai with its courts, secretariats, railway stations and churches boasting of Gothic, Victorian, Art-Deco, Indo-Saracenic and contemporary architectural styles.

And many of the Tours included visits to other Indian Cities like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and more..

Depending on the visiting students tour focus, the Tour would cover:

  • Talks and Seminars
  • The financial districts as Mumbai is the financial capital of India
  • India’s cultural aspects with visits to monuments, museums and art galleries
  • Visits to places of worship
  • Science Centers and Industrial units
  • Heritage walks in the City

All our programs includes a crash course in colloquial Hindi.

And in the land of Bollywood, Beyond Boundaries also engages you in an experience of dance and drama.

Two city models, such as Mumbai-Delhi, Mumbai-Hyderabad, Mumbai-Bangalore, Mumbai-Ahemdabad, etc. are the norm.


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