Career Counselling for your Students

Career Counselling

Helping your Students to find the Right Careers

Your students may be undecided about their career choice. They need better clarity and focus on what they want to do and where they want to head. Beyond Boundaries can addresses these need and helps your students explore, develop and crystallize their career goals. Through a series of counselling sessions, Beyond Boundaries works with your students to help them arrive at options that best match their passion and personality.

It’s a journey that involves active participation from your students. It calls on students to do some preparatory work. Write down queries or concerns that need to be discussed. Make a note of strengths and list skills that could be honed. Narrow down on courses that are of interest to them. Jot down dreams, if any.

Beyond Boundaries in conjunction with your faculty then walks your student through this process of self-discovery. Transferable and non-transferable skills are discussed, explored and evaluated. Primary interests are analyzed and options that help students make informed, practical academic plans and decisions, arrived at.

As with most journeys, these may be a stepping stone. New directions, new frontiers may unfold in future. But during this nascent period, Beyond Boundaries through professional guidance and in in conjunction with your faculty, helps your students determine a career path that could springboard into a promising future.


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